“Sejenak Bersajak Bersama Langkah Dan Jejak”

Men born in Bandung, born on February 19, 1995, enjoy outdoor activities and other travel. Has released 1 book called “Sejejak Langkah Dikala Senja” in 2017. The first book “Sejejak Langkah Dikala Senja”, which is the first book of notes about his reflections and the hopes he explained clearly in the orange corner of the capital. Inspired by his little notes about a woman figure who is always longed for but blocked by time, body and soul, so there are no words that can describe it other than sorrow and disappointment.

“Bagaimana diri ini bisa beranjak, bila kenanganmu dalam otak
masih terngiang dan menginspirasiku untuk sejenak bersajak”

Still actively writing in hastag #BoksiStory and composing rhymes and rhymes on the website boksistory.my.id. The owner of an outdoor brand in Bandung, “LNX Gear” and the online shop “Cleo Outdoor | Basecamp Para Petualang”.

Boksi Suryani

⛰️ 6°46’36.5″S 107°35’02.9″E
✍️ Author #BoksiStory
👥 Co-Founder @cleo.outdoor
👣 Owner @lnx.gear